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Research shows that family engagement is a key component in school improvement. The Edlio Engage platform enhances that component by truly closing the family – teacher gap. 

Edlio Engage allows schools and teachers to create a connection with their students’ families that leads to trusting relationships. School districts that use Edlio Engage are able to create a climate of transparency and trust throughout every school and classroom. It opens up a greater conversation among the school community, building connections and relationships between home and school. 

Edlio Engage for Teachers

Teachers and families can share learning and provide instant feedback which benefits every child’s experience and learning needs. Giving families the ability to quickly receive posts and messages from teachers enables them to be involved in their child’s wellbeing in school and in their academics! With Edlio Engage, teachers and families can truly work together to benefit student learning. 

Teachers and staff can keep in contact with families with just one quick post. Edlio Engage makes it easy to quickly send a message out to everyone at once. It’s the perfect way to get information out to families, request information, or gather feedback. Plus, the Edlio Engage platform shares information in the family’s primary language instantly, removing any language barriers between school and home. 

Edlio Engage for Staff Members

Edlio Engage is a powerful, easy to use tool that allows staff members to manage communication, conversations, calendars, events, and sign-ups with all of their students’ families. When teachers can easily connect with families about what students are learning, it equips families with the information they need to keep their child on track, leading to improved grades and behavior. 

Edlio Engage for Families

The Edlio Engage platform is a powerful tool for enhancing family engagement. It keeps families engaged wherever they are. Whether families are working or are on-the-go, they can keep up with everything going on at school with instant access to their child’s teacher right at their fingertips. For families with constantly busy schedules, they can easily receive posts and messages right on their phones with the mobile app. 

The Edlio Engage platform provides a central place for families to connect with their child’s teacher, school and district, giving them instant access to what their child is learning, without having to pull teeth or sort through emails. With one place to connect and know what’s going on, it enables families to really engage in their child’s education. 

With the Edlio Engage platform, your school district’s families have a one-stop-shop to stay engaged in their child’s educational life. Families finally have one central place to receive notifications, reminders, and messages about what’s happening at school. Gone are the days of trying to keep up with disparate apps, emails, newsletters, and calendars. 

Families can now be directly connected to their child’s classroom, school and district on one unified platform. When school districts connect their families on Edlio Engage, families can have two-way conversations with their child’s teacher, see everything in their preferred language, engage with photos, videos, ask questions, provide critical feedback about their child’s learning, view and respond to calendar events with RSVPs and Sign-Ups – all of this in just one platform. 

Edlio Engage is a family’s window into the classroom that they can take with them anywhere. For the families who, as much as they try seem to get behind on school happenings like homework, tests, and upcoming events, Edlio Engage is the answer that keeps them up to date with everything going on. Families can keep track of their child’s school life, even when they are not as forthcoming with information about what they did in school. 

Edlio Engage enables a more engaged communication between families and teachers to enhance the educational benefits of their students. It’s a district, school, and classroom communication made easy with seamless and efficient features to keep families connected to their child’s education. 

Edlio Engage is an easy way for families to stay in touch with what is going on. It provides families an inside look at what is going on in their child’s classroom and school, with everything right in one app. With Edlio Engage, families receive updates about their child as well as their school schedules and events. It’s easy to keep up with school happenings, as their calendar automatically fills into their phone calendar so nothing is forgotten. 

Imagine students getting home from school, and their families already know what they learned. 

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